Brescia Psychology Undergraduate Honours Theses

Date of Award

Winter 4-6-2017




Professor Richard Shugar


The effects of religiosity on goals and decision-making remain poorly understood. Essentially, motivation guides one’s goals, and therefore, it is necessary to understand what motivates people. This study looks to investigate further, the role of religiosity as a motivational factor in determining goals and decision-making processes. A survey was used to gather data on 51 female undergraduate students from Brescia University College. Students were enrolled in a first year introduction to psychology class and participated by completing a package of focused scales and questionnaires regarding religiosity, ideology, goals and decision-making. Data was gathered and analyzed using a series of linear regressions to determine the predictive value of religiosity. The results displayed a significant regression equation between religiosity and goals, ideology, and spirituality as well as between spirituality and ideology. Results can be interpreted to show that the more religious one is, the more predictive it is that one will be spiritual, conservative, and family goal-oriented.

Included in

Psychology Commons