Brescia Psychology Undergraduate Honours Theses

Date of Award

Winter 4-13-2023




Dr. John Mitchell


Academic performance during first year is critical in determining student retention rates, later undergraduate performance, and career related prospects. Previous literature has assessed importance of predictors individually. This study combined predictors to develop a model to predict academic performance of first-year students (n = 90) based on motivated learning strategies and on-campus resource use. An online survey was created to evaluate students’ help-seeking (HS), peer learning (PL), self-efficacy (SE), perceived social support (PSS) and access to social support (SSA) and academic support (ASA) resources. Consistent with previous research, SE was the strongest predictor of academic performance. Additionally, HS, SE, ASA, and SSA combined contributed to a significant model accounting for 37% of variance in students’ academic performance. The results observed low levels of resource access. These results contribute to the furthering of predictive modeling algorithms, improving access to resource use on-campus, and enhancing academic performance of first-year students during the adjustment to university life.

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