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© 2019 by The EH Angle Education and Research Foundation, Inc. Objectives: To develop and validate a method for application of the Osstell ISQ device in the assessment of mini-implant stability. Materials and Methods: An adaptor was developed for attachment of Osstell's SmartPeg onto a variety of orthodontic mini-implants. For validation of the adaptor, Benefit mini-implants were inserted into bone blocks that mimicked different stability conditions. The Osstell device was used to assess mini-implant stability with the adaptor (test measurement) and conventional SmartPeg attachment (gold-standard measurement). Implant stability quotient (ISQ) values were assessed for agreement, repeatability, and reproducibility. Results: Strong positive correlations were found between ISQ values obtained using the novel adaptor and the conventional attachment. Repeatability and reproducibility of ISQ values with the adaptor were similar to those obtained with the conventional attachment. Conclusions: A method was developed and validated to assess the stability of orthodontic mini-implants using the Osstell system. The novel mini-implant adaptor provided repeatable and reproducible measurements of mini-implant stability, which agreed with those obtained using a conventional SmartPeg attachment. This adaptor permits noninvasive stability assessment of various designs of mini-implants, most of which are incompatible with the conventional SmartPeg attachment.

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