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Background Advances in surgical techniques combined with multimodal analgesia and early rehabilitation have potentiated early mobilization in patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty (THA). Given an increasing push from patients to accelerate recovery and health care budgetary limitations, there has been growing interest in the implementation of outpatient THA in selected patients. Understanding the patient and primary caregiver experience of outpatient THA is important to optimize care. We aimed to gain insight into patient and caregiver perspectives regarding the perceived advantages and disadvantages of same-day discharge to identify areas of care that can be improved. Method Using a qualitative descriptive approach, we conducted in-depth semistructured interviews with patient-primary caregiver dyads who experienced same-day discharge or standard care after primary THA with the direct anterior approach in 2016-2017. Two members of the research team coded the data independently, implementing a thematic and content analysis. Results Twenty-eight participants (16 same-day discharge, 12 standard care) were included. Both groups experienced high levels of satisfaction with their care pathway. Concerns and challenges identified in both groups pertained to mobility, pain, self-care and caregiver support. Challenges and concerns unique to same-day discharge were identified regarding expectations for recovery, medications and their impact on mobility, the timing of postoperative education and the availability of formal care. Conclusion Outpatient THA can be implemented with high patient and caregiver satisfaction. Preoperative education, clarification of recovery processes and expectations, and proactively addressing concerns related to caregiving are important.


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Can J Surg 2018; 61(6):370-376. DOI: 10.1503/cjs.016117

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