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Construct validity of the Patient-Rated Wrist and Hand Evaluation questionnaire (PRWHE) for nerve repair in the hand

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Musculoskeletal Science and Practice



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© 2019 Elsevier Ltd Background: Many tools have been described for outcome assessment after nerve repair. The Patient-Rated Wrist and Hand Evaluation (PRWHE) have been shown to be valid for several hand conditions. Objectives: To explore the construct validity of the PRWHE in comparison to cold intolerance, pain and dysfunction questionnaires; the Rosén score and its subcomponents; and threshold sensibility, dynamometry and dexterity tests for nerve repair of the hand. Study design: Clinical measurement. Methods: Construct validity was analysed through Pearson's correlation coefficient in a convenience sample of 32 adult patients after long-term median and ulnar nerve repair. Results: The PRWHE total score was highly to moderately associated with the Disability of Arm, Shoulder and Hand (r = 0.83), Cold Intolerance Symptom Severity (r = −0.60) and McGill's Pain (r = 0.58) questionnaires. In addition, it was correlated to motor (r = −0.55) and sensor subdomains (r = −0.56) of the Rosén score. Substantial to high associations were found for the motor, sensory impairment and dexterity test. Conclusions: The PRWHE was shown to be valid, based on construct validity, for patients with nerve repair of the hand.

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