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© 2017 Ahmed Sarwar et al. This is the first study to quantify the measurement error due to the physical thickness of Fujifilm for several material combinations relevant to orthopaedics. Theoretical and experimental analyses were conducted for cylinder-on-flat indentation over a series of forces (750 and 3000 N), cylinder diameters (0 to 80 mm), and material combinations (metal-on-metal, MOM; metal-on-polymer, MOP; metal-on-bone, MOB). For the scenario without Fujifilm, classic Hertzian theory predicted the true line-type contact width as WO={(8FDcyl)/(πLcyl)[(1-cyl2)/Ecyl+(1-flat2)/Eflat]}1/2, where F is compressive force, Dcyl is cylinder diameter, Lcyl is cylinder length, cyl and flat are cylinder and flat Poisson's ratios, and Ecyl and Eflat are cylinder and flat elastic moduli. For the scenario with Fujifilm, experimental measurements resulted in contact widths of WF=0.1778×F0.2273×D0.2936 for MOM tests, WF=0.0449×F0.4664×D0.4201 for MOP tests, and WF=0.1647×F0.2397×D0.3394 for MOB tests, where F is compressive force and D is cylinder diameter. Fujifilm thickness error ratio WF/WO showed a nonlinear decrease versus cylinder diameter, whilst error graphs shifted down as force increased. Computational finite element analysis for several test cases agreed with theoretical and experimental data, respectively, to within 3.3% and 1.4%. Despite its wide use, Fujifilm's measurement errors must be kept in mind when employed in orthopaedic biomechanics research.


Copyright © 2017 Ahmed Sarwar et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The article was originally published at: Ahmed Sarwar, Simli Srivastava, Chris Chu, Alan Machin, Emil H. Schemitsch, Habiba Bougherara, Zahra S. Bagheri, Radovan Zdero, "Biomechanical Measurement Error Can Be Caused by Fujifilm Thickness: A Theoretical, Experimental, and Computational Analysis", BioMed Research International, vol. 2017, Article ID 4310314, 11 pages, 2017.

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