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The Journal of arthroplasty

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This study examines how taper design affects corrosion and fretting at the head trunnion surface. All hip prostheses retrieved between 1999 and 2013 with 28mm/+0 heads were selected, resulting in 44 cobalt-chrome-on-polyethylene implants, representing six taper designs. Mean implantation time: 8.9±3.7years. The femoral head tapers were scored for fretting and corrosion using the Goldberg scale as both a combined score and by three zones (apex, central and base). There was no difference in age (P=0.34), BMI (P=0.29), or implantation time (P=0.19) between taper groups. The 11/13 taper had the highest combined corrosion and fretting score, but no difference (P=0.22) between groups for combined scores (P=0.22 for corrosion, P=0.19 for fretting). In a zone-specific analysis, the 11/13 taper had highest corrosion score at base zone (P=0.02). Taper design had a significant effect on corrosion at base of trunnion.

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