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Rapid sample processing and interpretation of estimated exposures will be critical for triaging exposed individuals after a major radiation incident. The dicentric chromosome (DC) assay assesses absorbed radiation using metaphase cells from blood. The Automated Dicentric Chromosome Identifier and Dose Estimator System (ADCI) identifies DCs and determines radiation doses. This study aimed to broaden accessibility and speed of this system, while protecting data and software integrity. ADCI Online is a secure web-streaming platform accessible worldwide from local servers. Cloud-based systems containing data and software are separated until they are linked for radiation exposure estimation. Dose estimates are identical to ADCI on dedicated computer hardware. Image processing and selection, calibration curve generation, and dose estimation of 9 test samples completed inframes.


This is a revision of the initial preprint published in December 2021

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Radiation Exposure Determination in a Secure, Cloud-Based Online Environment Ben C. Shirley, Eliseos J. Mucaki, Joan H.M. Knoll, Peter K. Rogan bioRxiv 2021.12.09.471993; doi: