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The beginnings of the Royal Ontario Museum can be traced back to the excavations and collections of Charles Trick Currelly, a staff member of the Egyptian Exploration Fund in the early 1900s. Currelly excavated with Sir Flinders Petrie at Abydos and with Edouard Naville at Deir el Bahari. With the assistance of Robert Mond and others, Currelly amassed a rich and diverse collection that became the basis for the ROM, which opened its doors in 1914. Part of that collection included several Egyptian mummies (Currelly 1971) .

The Egyptologicalholdings at the ROM include eight mummies: one dating to the Predynastic Period, five from the Pharaonic Period, one from the Roman Period and one without context. Two of these, Nakht and Djedmaatesankh, have been well studied by Peter Lewin and associates, while three more are the subjects of the current investigation. The objectives of this poster are to review the work and accomplishments of the previous research, to describe the preliminary results of the current research project and to outline directions for future work.


Poster presentation at the 1st Bolzano Mummy Congress held in Bolzano, Italy in March, 2009