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Descriptions in the popular and academic literature, of the treatment of the heart as part of the Egyptian mummification tradition, are derived from accounts by classical authors.

Our reliance on these normative descriptions, in the absence of Egyptian accounts, has obscured the wide range of mummification practices and the intrasocietal changes occurring in ancient Egypt. It has impeded the study of geographic, chronological, and socio-political variations in ancient Egyptian mortuary practice and ideology.

This study focuses on computed tomography (CT) as a non-destructive gold standard for mummies studies, and in the examination of heart treatment indications and variations with time, sex, and status.


Poster presentation at the 80th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropology held in Minneapolis, MN in April, 2011

Also presented at the 38th annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Physical Anthroplogy held in Saskatoon, SK in October, 2010