Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Presentations


Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Presentations examine and illustrate issues and research in the fields of anesthesia and operative care. Presentations explore research in cardiovascular and respiratory passages during surgery and, the medical and surgical needs of specific patients including those who are pregnant, those with prior conditions, and infants.


Events from 2011


Pregnant Women as Research Participants: Why Is Additional Protection Required?, Kyoko Wada

Submissions from 2006


Impact of Early Sepsis on Oxygen Delivery in the Microvasculature, G. Fraser, C. Ellis, D. Goldman, and M. Sharpe

Submissions from 2005


Increased Leukocyte Transit Times through Capillaries Contributes to Maldistribution of Flow, T. Jeganathan, G. Fraser, D. Goldman, M. Sharpe, and C. Ellis

Submissions from 2004


Microvascular Oxygen Transport Abnormalities in Experimental Sepsis Interpreted Using a Computational Model, C. Ellis, D. Goldman, R. Bateman, and M. Sharpe