Submissions from 2002


The Responsibility to Protect: A seminar on the Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty, Erika Simpson

Submissions from 2001

Games, Strategies, and Human Security, Erika Simpson

NATO and the Bomb Canadian Defenders Confront Critics, Erika Simpson


Thinking about your thesis?, Erika Simpson


Thinking about Your Thesis?, Erika Simpson

Submissions from 2000


Canada’s NATO Commitment: Current Controversies, Past Debates, and Future Issues, Erika Simpson

Submissions from 1999


Canada and the UN Security Council: New Strategies to Advance International and National Security, Erika Simpson

NATO Enlargement Costs on Rampage, Erika Simpson

NATO’s Nuclear Strategy and the Middle Power Initiative, Erika Simpson


Russian Weapons a World Concern, Erika Simpson


The Looming Costs of NATO Expansion in the 21st Century, Erika Simpson


The Principles of Liberal Internationalism according to Lester Pearson, Erika Simpson

Submissions from 1998


Canada’s Defence Costs Will Jump with NATO Expansion, Erika Simpson

Moth-balling Nuclear Plants Is the Best Plan, Erika Simpson


New Ways of Thinking about Nuclear Weapons and Canada’s Defence Policy, Erika Simpson

Submissions from 1997

Expanding Membership of NATO Could Be Risky, Erika Simpson


The Costs of NATO Expansion for Canada, Erika Simpson

Submissions from 1996

Should Canada Buy the UK Subs?, Erika Simpson and H. Peter Langille

Submissions from 1994

A 1994 Blueprint for a Canadian and International Peacekeeping Training Centre at CFB Cornwallis, Erika Simpson and H. Peter Langille

Submissions from 1993


Combat Skill Isn’t Enough for Canada’s Peacekeepers, H. Peter Langille and Erika Simpson

Submissions from 1992

CFB Cornwallis: Canada’s Peacekeeping Training Centre—A Blueprint for a Peacekeeping Training Centre of Excellence, Erika Simpson, H. Peter Langille, and Clayton Beattie

Submissions from 1991

Redefining Security, Erika Simpson

Peaceful Conversion: A Training Centre for Peacekeepers, Erika Simpson and H. Peter Langille