Focus and Scope

IIPJ has a specific focus on rigorous research that has policy relevance and addresses issues of importance in the area of Indigenous policy throughout the world, including comparative international studies. Policy articles, which analyze or evaluate a policy or policies relevant to Indigenous peoples, are also accepted. The policy section will be less stringently reviewed as they aim at analysis or evaluation of a policy or set of policies using secondary sources.


While studies can include single populations, the policy implications and lessons should be generalizable. IIPJ welcomes submissions using historical methods, qualitative and quantitative approaches, and mixed methodologies.

At this time, IIPJ will be published in English. In the future, we plan to translate abstracts into Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. The Advisory Committee and Editorial Committee will consider changes to this policy as the journal progresses.

Section Policies

IIPJ editorial board is structured around several ‘desks’ that are responsible for the peer review of articles addressing indigenous policy issues within that global region (currently Australia-Asia, Canada, Latin America, Russian and Northern Europe, & the USA). Where there is comparative work being assessed, the Editor-in-Chief will allocate the articles for review after consultation with the senior editors in the regions.

Open Access Policy

Open access publishing is an international movement designed to accelerate and improve access to research literature that is often publicly funded as a means to improving the health, well-being, and economic viability of those impacted. IIPJ has adopted an open-access policy to help ensure that valuable knowledge is transferred without barriers in order to effect change among Indigenous peoples, governments, non-government agencies, and/or researchers.

IIPJ is free of charge to all readers and authors. Articles are posted to the website immediately upon publication. Readers are not required to subscribe to IIPJ to access the articles published herein. However, subscribers receive official notifications about Journal activities and news.


Articles from past issues will be archived for continued retrieval in following the IIPJ’s open access policy.


IIPJ encourages readers to copy articles and disseminate them widely to interested individuals and groups for non-commercial purposes. In so doing, we ask that IIPJ is recognized as the publisher of the articles in question. IIPJ's copyright policies are described in detail on our Copyright Notice page

Turnaround Time

IIPJ's Editorial Board is committed to completing the initial peer review process within eight (8) weeks of acknowledgement of receipt of a submission.

Online Submissions

There are no established deadlines for submissions. All submissions should be sent to: http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/cgi/myaccount.cg

Editorial Policy

The International Indigenous Policy Journal does not endorse the views expressed in any of the articles, and the opinions expressed in the articles published by IIPJ are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of IIPJ's editors, the editorial or advisory board, publisher, or sponsors. Furthermore, IIPJ does not take any responsibility for the content, accuracy, or reliability of the information in the articles.

Please download the IIPJ author's guide for detailed submission information.