Copyright Notice

In keeping with IIPJ's Open Access policy, IIPJ has a shared approach to copyright. In practice, this will mean that IIPJ is granted perpetual license for use of any article it accepts for publication; and, after an initial 6 months of exclusive display rights held by the IIPJ, articles may be re-printed but any reprints must acknowledge IIPJ (and its website) in so doing. Following this initial six month period, articles will be archived on the IIPJ site. Authors wishing to re-publish articles published in IIPJ should inform IIPJ editorial staff and provide the name of the publication in which the articles will be reproduced. IIPJ will also consider accepting articles published elsewhere. However, authors submitting articles of this nature must indicate that it was previously published, where, when, in what form, and how their IIPJ submission differs from the original publication.