Public Space of the Domestic Sphere.  Espace public de la sphere domestique


Public Space of the Domestic Sphere. Espace public de la sphere domestique


Download Front Matter and Foreword by Servanne Woodward (278 KB)

Download "Introduction" par Thierry Belleguic (333 KB)

Download "Planning for Privacy" by Reed Benhamou (973 KB)

Download "Une chambre a soi" par Marie Laure Girou Swiderski (1300 KB)

Download "Jean-Philippe Rameau" par Lane HelIer (619 KB)

Download "Chardin's Domestic Rhetoric and the Poetics of the Private and Public Sphere" by Heather McPherson (1504 KB)

Download "Violence and Persecution in the Drawing-Room" by Antoinette Sol (921 KB)

Download "Woman, Æsthetics and Natural History" by Anne-Marie Link (1559 KB)

Download Appendix/Appendice: Illustrations (66 KB)


Vol. II of the Eighteenth-Century French World Centre-The University of Western Ontario, edited by Servanne Woodward, Roland V. Bonnel, Alain Goldschläger, Christine Roulston, and Peter R. Saìz



Publication Date



Mestengo Press, The University of Western Ontario


London, Ontario, Canada


18th Century, France, French domestic architecture, Social life and customs, Space (Architecture)


French and Francophone Language and Literature


Mestengo Press and the copyright holders have granted permissions for Western Libraries to post this book online for free public access.
The print version of this book was published with Altered Narratives: Female Eighteenth-Century French Authors Reinterpreted in one volume.
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