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In the pointed arch frame, the following inscription appears in references to the porch’s dedication to the Benedictine: YE PREISTS OF THE LORD BLESS YE THE LORD. The window was in memory to Rt. Reverend Frederick H. Wilkson, Bishop of Toronto (Former) and to the ministry of George Boyd Snell to the parish, who became Bishop of Toronto. Snell was rector from 1940-1948 and curate from 1931-1939. Acts 2:1-4. Moment after Christ’s Crucifixion and the Disciples are attempting to move forward. In doubt the Holy Spirit appears to them to show the gift of God: Good News of God’s Love. Contains images of fire that is symbolic of Holy Spirit. Location: Transom, North Porch, north wall, entry door.

Lead Investigator and Photograph: C. Cody Barteet ( Lead Investigator and Photograph: C. Cody Barteet (


Pentecost, Disciples, Holy Spirit, Williams, Stained Glass, St. Michael, All Angels, Toronto


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