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Designed and executed by Yvonne Williams, this window was given by Mrs. Guest and her children in honour of Appleby’s co-founder and first Headmaster, John S. H. Guest. Its theme is taken from a text in Isaiah. The window has six medallions across the three lancets (left to right, top down): 1) Samuel, 2) Daniel (playing the harp) (left lancet); 3) Miracle of Bread (small boy presents bread and fishes to 5000 people), 4) The Presentation in the Temple (centre lancet), 4) David in Lions’ Den, 6) Andrew. Originally, Williams suggested the following order based on Dr. Bell: all upper figures were to be young boys while the lower figures young men. The left window: a youthful Samuel and David (retained); centre window: boy from miracle of bread and fish (retained) and St. Stephen; right window: Joseph’s dream, and Joshua with trumpeters. Dedicated on 16 October 1956. Presented by Mrs. Guest and four children David, John, Elizabeth (Betty), and Katherine (Kitty). Window was installed where Mr. Guest used to read. Inscription: THINE EYES SHALL SEE THE KING / IN MEMORY OF (left lancet); IN HIS BEAUTY THEY SHALL BEHOLD / J. S. H. GUEST (centre lancet); THE LAND THAT IS VERY FAR OFF / FOUNDER FIRST HEDMASTER. Location: South Wall near Sanctuary.


Canada Window, Smith, Howe, Carr, Grace, Williams, Appley College


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