Volume 8, Issue 1 (2017)

Research Articles


Plant Warfare: Allelopathic Effects of Nicotiana tabacum on the Germination of Vigna radiata and Triticum aestivum
Jason M. Baek, Olivia J. Kawecki, Krishawn D. Lubin, Jialin Song, Olivia A. Wiens, and Fiona Wu


Time-Restricted Eating In Women - A Pilot Study
Siobhan T. Smith, Jordan C. LeSarge, and Peter W.R. Lemon


The Effect of Plantar Flexor Fatigue and Cognitive Recall Task on Standing Balance
William J. Smith, Dillon J. Richards, Shibo H. Zhou, and Tanner Kennedy


The Effects of Footwear on Squat Movements
Joshua W. Cohen, Philip Lee, and Jessa Buchman-Pearle

Perspective Article

Review Article

Students in the Field


Infraspinatus and Teres Minor Tendon Calcification with Severe Pain
Zhen Yang, Wenqiu Zhao, and Yongjun Yang

Faculty Profiles


Western Faculty Profile: Dr. Brad Urquhart
Anastasiya Vinokurtseva

Evolutionary GEM


Evolutionary GEM: Coevolution of Yuccas and Yucca Moths
Caleb Tackey and Patricia M. Gray


Evolutionary GEM: Evolution of Lactase Persistence
Xinghan (Hill) Du and Patricia M. Gray

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