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Western Faculty Profile: Dr. Martin Houde

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Dr. Martin Houde is a Full Professor with the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western University. With experience at the California Institute of Technology’s Submillimeter Observatory in Hawaii and three degrees from the University of Montréal, Dr. Houde brings his wealth of knowledge in the fields of star formation, extraterrestrial chemistry, and astrophysical instrumentation to Western. His research focuses on how the interactions between basic physical processes like magnetism and chemical reactions lead to the formation of stars while experience from the California Institute of Technology allows Dr. Houde to continually develop and enhance astrophysical instrumentation that enables researchers to further explore what lies beyond our galaxy. He is also the Canada Research Chair in Star Formation and teaches courses in Physics and Astronomy at Western. Brandon Lieng, First Year Representative with WURJHNS, interviewed Dr. Houde to learn more about his background, work, experience, and insights on the field of research.

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