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Palliative Care for the Homeless: An intervention to reduce the healthcare economic cost

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Canada's health care system is one of the defining features of the Country. For the past few years - since the economic downturn of 2008 - the health care system has been strained. Furthermore, with Canada's population aging at a fast rate, and older adults being the population that uses the most health care resources, it is imperative to find ways that decrease expenditures while continuing to provide effective care. Through implementing palliative care for Canada's homeless population, resources will be used more effectively and efficiently. In the Ottawa Inner City Health Project - The Hospice - $1.39 million were saved for a mere 28 clients who used the hospice services over an average of 120 days. Providing homeless people palliative care helps to solve this problem and provides services to people who are marginalized and often unable to access care - it shows the humanity that people associate with Canada.

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