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The Study of Drosophila Mate Preference as a Research Assistant in A. Moehring’s Lab

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My name is Joyce Liu and I am going into my 4th year of the Honours Double Major in Biology and Physiology program. I decided to pursue a double major because I was intrigued by many different aspects of the biological sciences. Specifically, I was very interested in translational research; how findings from basic science can be applied and used to further understand human diseases and behaviour. One area that I wished to learn more about was behavioural genetics. Through the Work Study program at Western, I was able to complement my studies with my interests by participating in research with Ryan Calhoun, a PhD candidate at Dr. Amanda Moehring’s lab. I found this experience to be very rewarding because I witnessed first-hand the amount of dedication, hard work, and commitment that goes into research. It has really inspired me to push myself further in hopes of making a difference in the scientific community. In this article, I will further elaborate on the role that I played as a research assistant, how this experience changed my perception of research, and why it changed my future career goals.

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