About This Journal

The Western Undergraduate Research Journal: Health and Natural Sciences (WURJHNS) is a student-run open access, peer-reviewed and Faculty-reviewed online journal that publishes a variety of articles within the fields of Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Medical Sciences. View this presentation and this Western News article to find out what the WURJHNS is all about. There is also an information sheet that provides a brief introduction to the journal.

All authors submitting a manuscript to WURJHNS must be students at Western University and be the first author of their manuscript. Other Western and non-Western students and faculty members can be listed co-authors. The works submitted by students are typically conducted as part of summer research opportunities, independent study courses, thesis projects and general course work. Research conducted by a Western student at other academic institutions may also be published in the WURJHNS.

Each manuscript submitted to the WURJHNS is subject to a double blinded review process. Articles are reviewed by two members of our undergraduate Editorial Review Board and at least one Faculty member. Each reviewer works independently and provides a decision regarding publication of the manuscript. The final decision regarding publication of a manuscript is determined by the WURJHNS editors. This decision is based on the comments from the Faculty and undergraduate reviewers. WURJHNS strives to provide authors with a decision on their manuscript and publish it within ten weeks of the original submission date. Throughout the review process, the WURJHNS team will maintain contact with the authors.

The WURJHNS features a rolling publication policy. Accepted manuscripts are published once they are approved by the editorial board. Published articles are compiled on an annual basis to create a complete volume. There will be no limit to the number of manuscripts published within each volume.

If you have any questions relating to the WURJHNS, please feel free to contact us at wurjhns@uwo.ca.

The ISSN of this journal is 1923-757X.