Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal

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Is Cognitive Dysfunction in MDD a Consequence of Sleep Abnormalities?


Insomnia and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) are two disorders that are commonly found comorbid, and often interact to exacerbate the severity of the other. This review explores the bidirectional relationship between sleep disruptions and MDD, and investigates the role of maladaptive cognitions underlying this relationship. A non-systematic literature review was conducted using PsychInfo, Google Scholar, and PubMed as its primary computerized databases. Cognitive dysfunction is discussed as a mechanism underlying the relationship between sleep disruptions and MDD, specifically in relation to hot and cold cognitive impairments. Circadian rhythms, melatonin, exercise, and comorbidity are each discussed as unique mechanisms that contribute to cognitive dysfunction in individuals with MDD. Future research is needed to better understand the unique relationship between sleep disruptions, MDD, and cognitions in order to improve clinicians’ treatment of comorbid Insomnia and MDD.

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