Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal

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Religiosity and its Relationship to Organ Donation Acceptability


The purpose of this study was to examine if religiosity is a significant predictor of organ donation acceptability. Specifically, to examine if religiosity is negatively correlated with organ donation acceptability. Furthermore it was predicted that this correlation would be stronger for men compared to women. The participants of this study included 18 males and 22 females for a total of 40 undergraduate students from The University of Western Ontario. Participants were given two surveys which measured religiosity and organ donation acceptability. As predicted, findings from this study demonstrated that religiosity was negatively related to organ donation acceptability. In addition, sex moderated the relationship between religiosity and organ donation acceptability. Specifically the negative relation occurred for men but not for women. In conclusion, the hypotheses for this study were supported. The results of the study support the need to educate religious communities on organ donation with the hopes of maximizing underrepresented demographics in organ donor pools.

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