Western Undergraduate Psychology Journal

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Deconstructing a DSM Diagnosis: Gender Identity Disorder (GID) in Adolescents and Adults


The present article discusses the DSM-IV-TR diagnosis of gender identity disorder (GID) in adolescent and adults. A brief summary of GID’s historical evolution is provided, followed by an extensive literature review. Peer reviewed articles were selected for relevance and rates of citation. It is acknowledged that high citation rates do not directly translate into article quality, and therefore some references may not meet the highest research standards. In an effort to acknowledge other relevant perspectives, additional sources included writing by individuals with GID and reports released by invested organizations. Ten topics were identified: gatekeeping, post-operative patient satisfaction and regret, theoretical criticisms, reliability and validity, criterion C (absence of an intersex condition), criterion D (presence of distress or impairment), prevalence, comorbidity, homosexuality, and specifiers. Conflicting findings were acknowledged and implications were discussed when appropriate. Although the GID diagnosis underwent several changes with the release of the DSM-V in May 2013, this article only briefly touches upon that process. Ultimately, the present article focuses on the literature’s state immediately before the DSM-V release in May 2013.

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