Western Student Research Conference


The Western Student Research Conference (WSRC) is Western University’s flagship university-wide undergraduate research conference. Organized for students by students, the annual WSRC is affiliated with the Student Success Centre and has the support and engagement of the Faculties of Arts and Humanities, Ivey School of Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information and Media Studies, Music, Science, and Social Science.

Entrants are selected for the quality of their research, their ability to communicate the impact and significance of their research to a diverse audience, and their innovative approach to their subject area. At the event, presenters will compete to be awarded the top three overall prizes as determined by judges’ scores at the venue.

A ticket for attendance to WSRC is a ticket for the opportunity to take a glimpse into the extraordinary talent here at Western. Attendees gain the chance to expose themselves to research from across the entire spectrum of academia, network with both up-and-coming and established researchers at the forefront of their fields, and learn how to build upon their existing skillsets to gain access to research opportunities at Western and beyond.

The Western Student Research Conference's High School Case Competition is an opportunity for high school students across Canada to develop their problem-solving, public speaking and teamwork skills. Through working in teams of 2-4, students are able to create a proposal, outlining a scientific innovation, economic policy analysis, a unique business solution or a law review to tackle a real-world problem. The top-scoring proposals are chosen to be presented to a judges panel during our conference. During this round, finalists are asked to give a poster or an oral presentation to our panel of judges, comprised of professors and graduate students alongside our general attendees. This competition provides a preview of undergraduate research to high school students by giving them an opportunity to conduct research, develop a research proposal and present their ideas in an academic setting.

Have you ever wondered about the importance of multidisciplinary research and how to get involved? The Abstract, a podcast presented by the WSRC, has the answers to these questions and more! Throughout the year, episodes interviewing a variety of individuals will be released, ranging from members of the WSRC team to research professionals across many fields of study.

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