About Word Hoard

Word Hoard is an interdisciplinary journal of the arts, literature, and humanities. Affiliated with the Department of English and Writing Studies at Western University, it exists to publish the work of artists and scholars at all levels.

Our editorial strategy aims to create dialogue: after selecting which submitted essays and creative works will comprise our next issue, we solicit a response for each piece from an established or emerging artist, critic, or scholar. Submissions and responses are then published side-by-side in the issue, where they reinforce, challenge, and supplement one another. Past submission and response forms have included scholarly and personal essay, interview, creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry—but our editorial board is eager to include new genres, especially those taking advantage of our digital format.

At the journal’s core is the premise that submissions should be not only presented but also discussed, giving contributors the pleasure of seeing their words read and answered.

Word Hoard publishes annually. For more information please contact wordhoard.editors@gmail.com.