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Interested in getting started with qualitative research but don’t know much about the software? NVivo is a popular tool for organizing, managing and analyzing qualitative data. This introductory session will provide an overview of NVivo’s capabilities and demonstrate how to use it to get started on a qualitative research project.

Session outcomes:

  • Learn about the features and functionality of NVivo
  • Set data files up for autocoding and import
  • Create an NVivo project and import different types of data
  • Organize and classify files and cases
  • Code data and create notes and memos
  • Run queries and create charts
  • Plan a content analysis (38 kB)
AI- Audio Transcription file

NVivoIntroWalkthrough23-2-2021.pdf (137 kB)
Walkthrough / script for workshop (125 kB)
Data files for use with workshop

NVivoIntroSlides23-2-2021.pptx (177 kB)
Slides: Introduction to NVivo and workshop