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2019 the University of California education system does not renew its deal with one of the world's largest academic publishing houses. Elsevier, partly because Elsevier refuses to provide greater open access publications for University of California researchers. Western University learns of this and something clicks. It forms a taskforce on open access and scholarly communications. It consults surveys and concludes that the time is ripe to educate faculty, students and staff under scholarly publishing, environment, and alternative models. Because a well informed campus embracing open access means Western can navigate the future of the publishing world, and spread knowledge for society's benefit. Benjamin Hill is the editor in chief for Locke studies, and open access peer reviewed annual journal on contemporary research on the English philosopher john Locke. Hill is a Western University philosophy professor about journals and access they think about their own access and what they have. And if they have access to it, that's usually sufficient. Whereas they don't think about what access means to scholars around the world, or what access means to scholars and 50 years fine. If we, as a group emphasize more of the fact that this is an important academic value. It's not a mere convenience that we make sure that emphasize that it's really good for everybody,

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