Pre-Conference Workshops


Weldon Library, Room M18

Start Date

21-5-2014 9:00 AM

End Date

21-5-2014 11:45 AM

CodingActivity_Handout.pdf (18 kB)
Coding Activity


Program logic models provide an innovative approach to IL program planning and assessment. By linking impacts, outcomes, and activities/processes, logic models illustrate how your IL team does its work, and make explicit the theory and assumptions underlying your program. In addition, because they can provide a visual representation of a program, logic models can be used to communicate with diverse audiences and stakeholders, including students, faculty, campus partners, and administrators.

In this interactive workshop, participants will gain insight into the benefits and challenges of using logic models, and visualize how logic models can help to align better program outcomes, outputs, and activities to enhance IL programs. Working in pairs and small groups, participants will create a basic logic model in order to experience firsthand some of the insights (and frustrations!) involved in the development of this program assessment tool.


May 21st, 9:00 AM May 21st, 11:45 AM

E-volving and E-valuating our Practice: Using Logic Models for Information Literacy Program Planning, Evaluation, and Communicating Value

Weldon Library, Room M18


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