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The SAUT Probiotic Kitchen will sell freshly made yogurt with good bacteria that improves the health of the consumer. The Kitchen is situated on the SAUT Malimbe Campus in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Due to the Kitchen’s convenient and accessible location, the Kitchen’s primary customer group will be the SAUT community when the students are attending school. The secondary customer group will include the population from the local market, and the workers from the nearby dala-dala stand. Finally, the third customer group would be businessesand other organizations in the Mwanza region. Selling to this third group in bulk throughout the year will help supplement the lack of sales during off-seasons when the students are away from campus.

The SAUT Probiotic Kitchen faces competitors in both the formal and informal industry. In supermarkets, ASAS and Daima are popular brands of yogurt that offer a variety of flavours. On campus, the Konsolele Kanteen also sells a small daily supply of yogurt. In the informal market, there are small businesses that produces and sells their own dairy products. The SAUT Kitchen enjoys a few distinct competitive advantages: 1) exclusive access to the probiotic sachets, 2) a physical space on the Malimbe campus, 3) association with the SAUT students working at the kitchen, and 4) the yogurt is fresh and produced on a daily basis. Most of these competitive advantages are hard to replicate.

The SAUT Kitchen must employ many promotional activities to convince its customer groups to buy. The Kitchen should focus on integrating itself into the students’ experiences to ensure customer loyalty and retention. Activities like social media advertisements, monthly social events, partnerships with SAUT clubs, and low-season discounts will help SAUT increase its sales.

SAUT Yogurt Kitchen Exhibits [2016].pdf (2772 kB)
Supplemental visuals and appendices for the SAUT Kitchen Business Plan



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