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The African Probiotic Yoghurt Network (APYN) supports the establishment, development, and continuation of small-scale probiotic yoghurt community health micro-enterprises that economically empower at risk and/or impoverished women and youth while at the same time improving community health and nutrition, especially for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Although APYN is a relatively new Organization (developed in 2011), APYN was established through Western Heads East (WHE), Kivulini/ MikonoYetu, and National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) who have a long history of implementing community health and development projects in East Africa. Since 2004, Kivulini and WHE have been working together to develop an extended probiotic yoghurt community health network which is now registered as its own NGO, APYN.

This document summarizes objectives, capacities, and the main projects of APYN.



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