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The Lake Victoria region is densely populated and has been for many decades. Population growth alongside great economic expansion has led to a consistent population increase. For instance, in the 1960s there were 6 million people in the area and this has grown to about 30 million today. This population explosion has had severe environmental implications as overpopulation has put a strain on natural resources and has increased environmental degradation and pollution. Alongside this, many economic activities that rely on natural resources have been negatively impacted by environmental strains. Among many effects of this high population density is the competition for energy resources, especially inexpensive energy sources such as charcoal and firewood. As fuel prices increase, deforestation rates also increase as firewood is increasingly been utilized as an energy source. Energy is a key factor for development, especially at the local level for processing raw products into value added products for example. Renewable energy is an alternative solution to promote environmentally friendly economic activities.



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