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The APYN/RONGEAD Launching represents one of many collaborative events and efforts between the two organizations. The purpose of this celebration/launching was to introduce to the Mwanza community the benefits and opportunities associated with linking small-scale economic enterprises such as the Sahwa(APYN) Probiotic Yoghurt Project with implemented biogas technology projects such as the Sustainable Energy for Economic Development (SEED) Project carried out by RONGEAD in order to address issues of malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, poverty and environmental sustainability using local capacities and resources. In addition, the launching provided APYN with an opportunity to educate and convey to the community the scientifically proven health benefits of the probiotic yoghurt for everyone. An underlying objective of the launching included raising awareness in order to raise funds for the development and implementation of additional biogas systems as the remaining APYN kitchens. In addition, APYN used this as an opportunity to market and advertise to the community their health benefitting probiotic yoghurt product.

This celebration/ launching was of significant interest for many community members, organizations and institutions especially those involved in the following fields/ areas of operation: women’s and youth economic empowerment, community health and nutrition, HIV/AIDS, small-scale dairy production, agriculture, sustainable energy development, energy production, and community development.



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