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Beyond Assessing Knowledge – Card Sorting, Superheroes, and Moving Towards Measuring Expertise

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How do experts structure their thinking about the concepts in their discipline? How is this different from the way those new to the field approach these same ideas? In this interactive public lecture, guest presenter Dr. Kimberly Tanner will engage the audience in thinking about expert and novice thinking by drawing upon her own research that integrates methodologies from science education and cognitive psychology.

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Dr. Kimberly Tanner is a faculty member in Biological Sciences at San Francisco State University. She directs the Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory, which is focused on understanding how people learn science, especially biology, with a special emphasis on developing novel assessment tools to better understand how people from children to practicing scientists conceptualize the biological and physical world. Her research in biology education holds the promise of revealing insights into preconceptions and misconceptions in biology that can guide strategies for curriculum improvement and teaching reform.

Dr. Tanner has been widely recognized for her research and her teaching. Her most recent awards include being named the 2011-2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher Award by the Society for College Science Teachers and being elected this past fall as a Fellow to the California Academy of Sciences.

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