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Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2017) Proceedings of the 2015 Western Conference on Science Education

Excerpt from the Introduction

Although it has taken many months for the editorial team to create the infrastructure and move the articles through to final publication, this inaugural volume of Discussions on University Science Teaching (DUST) aptly captures the forward momentum of WCSE through the lens of the 2015 conference theme “Gather+Create+Improve”. WCSE DUST aims to offer a space where those interested in undergraduate science education can gather to share in the creation of ideas and information, with a view to improving undergraduate science education. It is my hope that DUST generates further discussions and builds on the energy that permeates the biennial Western Conference on Science Education.

Several scholars working in the field of science higher education have chosen to share in more detail their stories and research on gathering, creating, and improving science education in this opening volume of the Proceedings. This volume is divided into three sections: highlights from the Keynote presenters and the Ignite series of ideas for teaching; extended abstracts; and peer-reviewed articles built upon the presentations given at the conference.

The previous incarnations of the WCSE, and now the Proceedings, have been generously supported by Nelson Education.  The Faculties of Science at Dalhousie and Western Universities have also enabled this publication.

We now all look forward to WCSE 2017, and on to the next volume of WCSE DUST, which will fall within the broad theme of “Embracing Change”.


Introduction to Volume 1
Anne-Marie Ryan


Education for Innovation
Chris Charles


Engaging Student Stakeholders in Developing a Learning Outcomes Assessment Framework
Paisley Worthington, Alison Dewancker, Nicole LaRush, Dale Lackeyram, and John F. Dawson


Enhancing Two-stage Collaborative Exams by Incorporating Immediate Feedback
Teresa (Terry) R. McCurdy, Kim Volterman, Ralph Shiell, Melec Zeadin, Kevin Dunn, Jason De Melo, and Peter Helli


A Model to Incorporate Meaningful Community Engaged Learning Opportunities into Medium
Gillian Young, Jennifer McCorriston, and Kerry L. Ritchie


Measuring Students’ Approach to Learning
Dan Thomas and Lori A. Jones


Quantitative Reasoning: Exploring Troublesome Thresholds
Anne-Marie Ryan and Susan E. Gass


Hijacking All The Courses: A Transdisciplinary Learning Experience for Undergraduate Students
Shoshanah Jacobs, Jessica Nelson, Brianna Driscoll, and Daniel Gillis