Call for Proposals

Proposals will be reviewed by experienced Science educators using a double-blind peer review process. Reviewers will provide authors with direction for any modifications needed to ensure that presentations complement the intention and scope of the Conference.

Submissions are due by the end of the day on March 11, 2013.

Presentation Information

Session Formats

The Western Conference on Science Education welcomes four types of open submissions to highlight innovative practices, developing ideas, works in progress, and/or research findings:

  • Workshops: Workshops are highly participatory hands-on 80 minute sessions allowing participants to come away with a product, tool, or skill.
  • Presentations: Presentations are 40 minute sessions providing the opportunity for presenters to engage with their peers in the form of a traditional paper, novel demonstration, provocative debate, or other creative formats. When appropriate, two complementary presentations will be paired.
  • Short and Tweets: This is an engaging 14.0 minute live presentation that will be summarized in 140 characters. Short and Tweets will be collected and presented in six-packs.
  • Posters: Posters are self-explanatory visual displays offered in a format that promotes informal dialogue between the poster’s author(s) and their peers. At least one of the poster's authors will be available for discussion during the Poster Session.

  • Threads

    The sessions at the Western Conference for Science Education will focus on one of the following five broad topic threads:

    • Thread A: Teaching and Learning Science
    • Thread B: Evaluation of Learning
    • Thread C: Curriculum
    • Thread D: Education Technologies and Innovative Resources
    • Thread E: Other

    Proposal Format

    Proposals are submitted online by clicking here.

    The required information for all submissions is as follows:

    • Proposal title - 25 word maximum
    • Presenter Information - first name, middle initial, last name, e-mail address, title, and institutional affiliation
    • Session type - Workshop, Presentation, Short and Tweet or Poster
    • Keywords for session- 4-6 keywords
    • Abstract - 250 words maximum
    • Primary threads:
      • Teaching and Learning Science
      • Evaluation of Learning
      • Curriculum
      • Education Technologies and Innovative Resources
      • Other

    Deadline for Proposals

    Submissions are due by the end of the day on March 11, 2013.

    Funding for Travel

    One of the barriers to participation in a conference like the WCSE is the scarcity of funding in general, and travel support in particular, for this work in Canada.

    However, it is our belief that the case in favour of scholarly approaches to science education is now strong enough to justify support from Academic Vice-Presidents, Deans, Department Chairs, Course Directors, Teaching Support Centers, Professional Societies, etc. We encourage participants to make application to such educational leaders for funding to attend this conference.