Volume 8, Issue 1 (2018) An Interdisciplinary Approach to Modern Legal Issues

The Western Journal of Legal Studies is proud to publish the first issue of our eighth volume. The papers featured in this issue were selected exclusively from those presented at the Western Law Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference.

This year’s conference—Law: Stagnation, Evolution or Revolution?—explored the role the law plays within divergent areas of our society. Accordingly, the present issue purposefully strays from any one narrow area of research and is aptly titled: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Modern Legal Issues.

This issue includes four papers written by students in the course of their graduate studies. As per the Journal’s policies, all papers were selected through a double-blind peer review process. The issue contains articles that are novel, non-obvious, and useful. Topics include: the scope of children’s legal protections during armed conflict; monetary redress for online privacy violations; the post-9/11 state of exception’s role in contemporary American governance; and the development of peaceful assembly law independent of other Charter freedoms.

Thank you for reading.

Cristina Tomaino and Jake Newton, Co Editors-in-Chief