Creating a comprehensive code of negotiation ethics for lawyers is a contentious issue. The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Rules of Professional Conduct currently offers little guidance regarding appropriate behaviour of lawyers during negotiations. Detractors argue that the negotiation process is too complex and fluid to be codified. This criticism is not fatal to the case for a code of negotiation ethics. Lawyers have moral and ethical standards within the profession and responsibilities to the public as conduits to legal remedies. This paper argues a code of legal ethics is necessary to uphold these standards. Such a framework should be based on the concept of good faith negotiation with a view to honest disclosure and expeditious settlement of disputes. Developing a negotiation ethic is integral to addressing the access to justice and the concomitant rule of law problem identified by the Supreme Court of Canada in Hryniak v Mauldin. This article draws on national and international codes of conduct that have implemented guidelines for negotiations. It concludes with potential reforms to remedy the problems of expensive court procedures, affordability of legal representation, and maintaining public respect for the judicial system.

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