Instructions for Authors

The Western Journal of Legal Studies publishes twice a year, in late autumn and spring, and accepts submissions at all times. Consequently, submissions for for forthcoming issues may be accepted between three and eight months before publication. Novel, non-obvious, and useful articles from any authors dealing with Canadian or international legal issue or issues are welcome. We ask that student submissions adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Please submit articles through the website.
  2. The author’s full name and contact information should be included in the appropriate fields on the submission page. Do not include any such details within the text of the attachment containing the paper. Since the papers are reviewed on a blind basis, any details that may alert the reviewer of the identity of the author must be withheld from the text of the paper itself.
  3. Articles must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents (doc. and not docx.) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  4. Articles should conform to the most current edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation ("the McGill Guide").
  5. The preferred length is approximately 6,500 words (inclusive of footnotes). Articles that exceed or fall short of this limitation—but are of exceptionally high quality and concise—may be considered by the Editors.
  6. An abstract of no more than 200 words, clearly summarizing the arguments made in the article, should be included in the submission. Authors who submit articles without such an abstract will be asked to submit one at a later date.

Please note: Papers that have been submitted for publication elsewhere will be considered for publication in the WJLS so please do not hesitate to submit such papers.