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Venus Nwaokoro


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acrylic paint on wood canvas

This artwork extends between two canvasses to capture a figurative and abstract depiction of my story. The figurative side (left side) represents Black women mindlessly diving into spontaneous plans or ideas, hence the name Mindless Divers of The Lagoon. The abstract side (right side) represents bliss from the spontaneous actions and the lack of regret that resulted from them. The simplified, elongated bodies go in different directions depicting the positive and unexpected paths unrestricted actions can have in life. The significance of this artwork is to remind Black women to ignore what others may think of their actions and be spontaneous. It only hurts themselves and prevents growth, happiness, and gained life experiences when refraining from being free to your truest self. Some Black women may feel that they must share a certain image with society, but what is the value of an image if it is a product of restrain.


black art, visual arts, painting, acrylic

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