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The Joker

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It is all a farce! The blinding lights, the stimulating colors, are all an elaborate ruse to make you think there is a pot at the end of this rainbow. As long as you keep your eyes on the prize, you won’t notice the corpses that pave the path ahead. It’s a sadistic clown act and I’m a 5-year-old at a birthday party, awakening to the act, the deception, and the manipulation. My laughter and compliance help maintain the status quo; it helps erase the past and those that suffered that past. I can play along, afraid to lose my position in line for a face paint “I want to be a princess, icy, blonde, Frozen” or I can step out of line, fully aware that they have no right to take from me what is not theirs to give. I believe in a God of abundance, more importantly, a God of Justice and Liberation, not a meek and silent God, but a violent God. With a passionate and voracious love to humanity, not their God, our God.


Denise Kamyuka migrated from Botswana to North America 6 years ago in pursuit of her Master's and now pursuing a Ph.D. in sports management. Denise often uses photo-poetry to process her emotions and thoughts.

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