2015 Undergraduate Awards

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In exploring discourse regarding religious groups, the term ‘radical’ comes up frequently. Furthermore the term ‘radical’ comes up relative to both ideas and groups. Although it may be presumed that groups or individuals who are radical are so because they embody an ideology defined as such, this is not always the case. The “Not In My Name” social movement is called radical because it stands opposite to the ideology held by ISIS. This debate though, for once, does not exist on a spectrum; there is no ‘extreme right’ and ‘extreme left’. Through past examples of similar situations and scholarly analogy it will be shown that ISIS is radical because it has a desire to return to a fundamental root system. Not In My Name, in contrast, is not advocating a change, only a disassociation of the name of Islam with ISIS. Due to the contrast between the two groups it will also be discussed whether public declaration of allegiance should be required, or if allegiance should be assumed until proven otherwise.