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This paper outlines the use of state sanctioned torture since 1960 in Vietnam, Latin America, and the Middle East by American military forces. It will focus on the results and implications of the use of torture in each case, and especially in the Middle East following the terror attacks in the United States on September 11th, 2001. This paper will examine the legal process which has enabled not only the technically legal implementation of such programs, but also minimized repercussions for the United States, despite the devastating effects of their torture programs across the globe. The now declassified memorandums, manuals, and other relevant materials will be outlined, along with an overview of various “black sites” and extralegal prison facilities used by the American military overseas. Finally, this paper will examine possible reasons as to why torture programs persists today in spite of the plethora of research discrediting all effectiveness, as well as highlighting the true implications of the use of torture.