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Émile Durkheim, a classical social theorist, is considered to be one of the founders of modern social science, and a father of sociology. Despite his historically controversial views of society, he is now recognised as a scientist of the social order. This paper examines a number of Durkheim’s theories and applies them to the struggles of a modern day entrepreneur. This paper is non-traditional essay formatted into two separate letters. The first letter is written through the eyes of a struggling young entrepreneur. She is writing to Émile Durkheim to seek advice on her business endeavours. More specifically, she feels restless and anxious about her future and is under constant pressure to succeed. The second letter is written as Émile Durkheim offering his advice and expertise to this struggling entrepreneur. As a sociologist, he provides a unique diagnosis that is non-psychological or therapeutic, but rather structural in nature. Émile assures her that what she is experiencing is a structural problem of modern society. Finally he outlines the social changes that must occur in order to greatly reduce the struggles experienced by entrepreneurs.

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