A Review of Mental Health Services Offered by Canada's English language Universities

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Student mental health on university campuses in Canada has been identified as a growing issue that requires a systemic response from post-secondary institutions as students are more likely to seek support from services on campus than in the community. Different types of counselling and specialized services for specific mental health issues are required to address the mental health needs of students. However, a review of the services offered on 53 English language, publically funded university campuses across Canada using the universities’ websites revealed that the type and number of services offered is dependent on several factors such as enrollment size and location. The most commonly offered type of counselling revealed in the review was individual counselling, and the most commonly offered specialized services were for anxiety and eating disorders. Completely absent were specialized services for personality disorders and psychosis. Continued research is necessary due to lack of data regarding prevalence rates of student mental health issues specific to Canada and the effectiveness of current mental health services.


Regional Winner in Social Sciences: Sociology and Social Policy

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