From the Editor

This year's volume of TOTEM provided a number of individuals with opportunities to be involved in the publication process. Both graduate and undergraduate students participated in the production of TOTEM. The current volume developed on the foundation provided by the outgoing editorial committee. This year represents the first year in which one graduate student contributor and one undergraduate contributor have been recognized for the quality of their writing. The selection process was a difficult task given the quality of the papers selected (and also those not selected) for this volume of TOTEM. Kathrine MacMIllian (graduate) and Parker Dickson (undergraduate) demonstrated the high quality of writing being produced by Western students. Congratulations Katherine and Parker.

TOTEM and the Anthropology Society are a valuable part of Anthropology at Western. Both TOTEM and the Anthropology Society allow students the opportunity to interact with each other, to share their ideas, to support and encourage one another. It is my hope that these organizations are an important part of Anthropology at Western for a long time to come.

James T. Sherratt
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
July 30th, 2001