From the Editor

The volume of TOTEM that you now hold in your hands is the product of the hard work of numerous members of the faculty and student body in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario. As in the past, the mission of TOTEM this year has been to publish works of exceptional research, creativity and originality in Anthropology by students and professionals. The wide variety of papers included here is a testament to the wide-ranging nature of anthropological thought and research at the University of Western Ontario.

Taking the reigns of TOTEM this year provided me with the opportunity to make a few changes to the review process as well as to the production and design of the cover and contents of this new issue. This issue represents the first volume of TOTEM to be entirely peer-reviewed. By involving at least three Editors and/or Assistant Editors in the review process, submitting authors now benefit from the experience of participating in the peer-review process, while more students are provided with an opportunity to participate in the construction of TOTEM. The inclusion of undergraduate Assistant Editors also serves to ensure the continuity of TOTEM in upcoming years. For those of you who have read TOTEM before, you will notice that we now feature a lovely glossy colour cover and a revitalized production design throughout the journal.

The future of TOTEM looks bright if the articles in this volume are any indication. I would like to formally thank all of the students who submitted their work to TOTEM this year and also those who assisted as editors and assistants. Also, "Congratulations!" to each of the authors who are featured here - I hope that you will enjoy seeing yourself in print. Finally, thanks to you, the reader, for picking up an issue of TOTEM and supporting student achievement in Anthropology at the University of Western Ontario.

Alexis E. Dolphin
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
July 19th, 2000