From the Editor

Totem is an academic journal that not only publishes distinction in terms of research, argument, and originality, it is also a journal that extends the opportunity of publishing to all - undergraduate students, graduate students and professors alike. Perhaps that is why I have found the experience of editing to be many things - challenging, frustrating, but most importantly rewarding. It is through venues such as Totem that students enter into the research community, exposing their talents and shortcomings, and often realizing a potential that will spur on their academic journey. Thus, ultimately to have published one volume of such an extraordinary journal is very satisfying and I thank those who entrusted me with the responsibility. Furthermore, Totem pays homage to the fine academic standards and renowned faculty of the Anthropology department at the University of Western Ontario. The diversity in paper topics, style and argument is truly amazing, and gives the reader a sense of the range of Anthropological thought and research being conducted at the University of Western Ontario. I congratulate all the contributors to this year's Totem, as I have witnessed, and often demanded from them a great deal of refinement and hard work. I hope that you find the papers presented herein interesting and enjoyable.

Andrea L. Waters
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
August 22, 1999



Culture in Social Theory
Greg Beckett