From the Editors

Anthropology is the study of humans in their past and present. It is forward thinking and offers a link between the natural sciences and the humanities. Using a holistic research approach, this discipline crosses geographic distances and time restraints to investigate human evolution and cultural diversity. Totem: The University of Western Ontario (U.W.O.) Journal of Anthropology, offers an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to publish original research in this dynamic field.

We are pleased to present six exceptional papers in this year‟s edition. Topics covered in the papers represent the diversity of anthropological research and the scope of student interests within the U.W.O. anthropology program. The bioarchaeology papers offer insightful interpretations and cover the topics of Andean archaeology, Maya stature trends, and investigating decline in a Minoan town. The sociocultural papers critically analyze First Nations justice issues, preparation for ethnographic fieldwork in the Netherlands, and conflict resolution in hunting and gathering societies. The in-depth analysis and global outlook of these papers assures that there is something in Totem for everyone.

The production of this journal relies on the commitment, enthusiasm, and editing skills of volunteer U.W.O. undergraduate and graduate students. This year we had 20 assistant editors. We thank them for all of their hard work and generosity in submitting constructive reviews about each paper.

Totem will be available on-line through the Anthropology website. We extend our sincere gratitude to Dave Kanatawakhon for the use of his beautiful artwork on the journal cover. This piece is a traditional Iroquoian boarder design depicting a water, hill, and tree arrangement as presented in porcupine quill embroidery.

We would also like to thank Jeannie Taylor-Shaw, Diane Belleville, and Laura Cousins for their assistance in the promotion and production of the journal. Congratulations to all of the authors whose papers were selected.

Whether you are a student, faculty member, or are a newcomer to the field of anthropology, we are confident that you will enjoy this edition of Totem.

Shauna Solomon and Caroline Whippey
Department of Anthropology
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
March 2009